Our Embeddable Audit Tool is a powerful lead generation tool used by thousands of digital agencies to capture new leads and provide SEO reports to prospective customers at various stages of the marketing funnel. 


This is done by embedding our Site Audit Tool to their agency website. 


Here’s an example from WebMarketers, a prominent digital agency based in Canada, using our Embeddable Audit Tool on their website to generate leads from website visitors.

embeddable audit tool on website


Today, we’re excited to announce Hosted Audit Forms, a useful addition to our existing Embeddable Audit Tool.


This guide explains what Hosted Audit Forms are and how to set them up and customize them for your own website. 


What are Hosted Audit Forms?


We previously gave Embedding plan users their own subdomain or custom domain where reports are run from (these are configurable on the ‘Domain Settings’ page users).


Before this update, we just used this domain for executing reports, like: ruben.websiteauditserver.com/example.com


But the root page (rubenrogers.websiteauditserver.com) was left blank. Below is an example of the root domain, as you can see the page is left blank.

root domain


With the introduction of Hosted Audit Forms, Embedding plan users now have the option to display their embed form on this root page of the domain where their reports are run.


What this essentially means is that SEOptimer can host your audit form for you.


Note: Using this feature is optional and any existing forms that you've embedded to your website will still continue to work as always.  


So if I enable the Hosted Audit Form feature, I can now have a Site Audit Form on my root domain, audits.rubensagency.com.


The benefit of enabling the Hosted Audit Form feature is that you don’t have to install the embed code if you don’t want to, you can just send traffic to this URL instead, and collect new leads from there. 


How to Enable Hosted Audit Forms


To enable this feature, head to the Embedding Settings section in your SEOptimer account.

embedding settings


Then scroll down all the way until you see Hosted Audit Form, click on Enabled to activate this feature.

enable hosted embed forms


You can completely customize the hosted embed form according to your company’s branding and color schemes.

customize hosted embed form


This includes:


  • Showing your company’s logo
  • Showing company details
  • Customizing the page title and meta description
  • Adding header background color, header text color, and body background color
  • Changing the header and body font


Some of the above settings are inherited from your White Label report template, so if you want to add them to your Hosted Audit Form, then you'll need to set that up in Report Templates first. 


There's also a live preview on the right of the interface that updates as you make changes to the look and feel of your Hosted Audit Form.

hosted audit form preview


Users can also choose if they want to make this page indexable by Google. 

make embed form indexable


Once you’ve finished customizing the embed form according to your needs, simply copy the URL and use it on your website, links, and marketing campaigns. 


This feature update is based on feedback we’ve been receiving from many of our customers who wanted to use the root page to also generate leads for their digital agencies. 


Got any feature requests? You can always add new feature requests or upvote requests from other customers on our Feature Request board.